Elder Mediation Certification

Health charities, seniors’ organizations, government and non-government organizations involved with issues of aging are well positioned to promote and advocate for mediation as a valuable service for the families and other groups utilizing their services. Referral is a necessary component of these organizations, and referral to qualified, informed professionals who adhere to a standard, is a necessary component of these referral systems. The Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) recognize the need for a national/international standard for certification of mediators specializing in issues of aging - one which acclaims the competency of mediators and speaks with a strong and credible voice.

In late 2011 Elder Mediation Canada merged with Family Mediation Canada and is now a ‘stream” under the FMC umbrella. The goal of the Elder Mediation International Network is to have informed mediators certified with an elder mediation standard. This is now an international standard in terms of advocacy, professional credibility and assurance to referral systems.
The general public would be assured that mediators are committed to this specialty.  

"People working in the Alzheimer Society need to feel confident that if they suggest mediation to families, the mediators have been trained and sensitized to the unique needs of people with dementia and the families who support them. Having an easy-to-access list of mediators trained in elder care could also be of benefit.” 
- Mary Schulz, Senior Manager, Information, Support Services and Education, Alzheimer Society of Canada. (March 2008)

EMIN recognize that there are currently a number of different certification/accreditation credentials across the world. Thus, any development of a truly national/international standard for elder mediators will need to be set up in an inclusive way while supporting the credibility, and integrity of what currently exists in other national and provincial/state/country organizations.

For more details about the requirements to become a Certified Elder Mediator (Cert.EM) or to obtain a copy of the Certification Application in order to begin the certification process ($75.00 registration fee) please contact:

Greg McCann-Beranger, MSW, Cert.EM
Registrar, Certification Program
Elder Mediation International Network